Layout Functions


Functions for working with layouts in Alpha Anywhere

a5_actual_layout_name Function

Returns the actual name of a layout if layoutname is a temporary name.

a5_copy_layout_to Function

Copies a Layout or Operation to a different dictionary. Called from the Control Panel right click menu

a5_expandcollapsebtngenie Function

Drop a expand/collapse button in a layout

a5_get_color_expn Function

Displays Genie to help user create a color equation for a field object on a Layout

a5_get_font_expn Function

Displays Genie to help user create a font equation for a field object on a Layout


Returns the data entry mode for a layout ( View, Change or Enter)

A5_GET_UNITS Function

The A5_GET_UNITS() function returns the name of the measurement system being used. This is the preference set by clicking View > Settings > Layouts > Layout Units.

A5_GetArgumentValue Function

Used in report writer to extract values of arguments at runtime so that they can be included in the report itself.

a5_is_field_active Function

Returns .t. if the active object on the layout refrenced by layout_p is a field or browse column.

a5_layout_print_genie Function


a5_layout_rename Function

Called from the Control Panel to rename or duplicate a layout object

a5_layout_rename2 Function

Rename a Layout Object. Renames the object in the Control Panel that has focus

a5_layout_view_generic Function

Low level function called by the form.view(), form.load(), browse.view() and browse.load(), form.dialog() methods.

a5_new_layout_event Function

Edits a new layout event and prompts for method

a5_prompt_layout_filter Function

Called from Layout editors when user selects the "Select records...." command.

preview_layout Function

Preview a layout


Get a session handle , current or session with window name.