File Functions


Functions to manipulate files.


You can also use the File Object

A5_AddTempFile Function

The A5_AddTempFile() function registers a file that will be deleted when you exit from Alpha Anywhere.

a5_create_tempfile Function

Creates a temporary file with the specified extension. If extension is not specified, then extension of .tmp is used. If folder is not specified, then uses Windows temp folder. File is automatically deleted when Alpha Anywhere is closed.

A5_DownLoadFile Function

Downloads a file specified by a URL and saves it on the user's machine.

a5_file_get_access_control Function

Get the permissions for a file or folder.


Deletes a file.

A5_FileAttribute_Help Function

The A5_FileAttribute_Help() function displays the FileFind Attribute Codes dialog and returns the selected attribute codes.

A5_FileAttributeHelper Function

This function doesn't exist anymore. The A5_FileAttributeHelper() function displays the Select File Attribute dialog and returns the selected attribute codes.

A5_Get_FilesUpdatedSince Function

The A5_Get_FilesUpdatedSince() function returns a CR-LF delimited list of files updated since a specified time.

a5_getaddinsinstalledfolder Function

Return the location of the installed addins folder

a5_getcodelibraryfolder Function

Get the folder where the code libraries are stored

a5_gettransformhistory Function

Load transform history from file

a5_getuserdatafolder Function

Return the folder where user data is saved (i.e. My Documents)

a5_is_addin_aex_outdated Function

Test to see if any of the component files in addin_library.aex was updated, making the addin_library.aex out of date.

a5_libraries_synchronize Function

Used to make sure that that the addin_library.aex file in the program folder matches the list of .aex files in the 'addins_installed' folder

a5_load_aex_files Function

Combines a crlf delimited list of .AEX files into a single .aex file. Then loads the resultant .aex file

a5_path_relative Function

Create a relative path from a base location and a file path.


Prompts the user to select files in the current Database

a5_promptforoverwrite Function

Prompt for the overwrite of a file.

a5_regexfilename Function

Returns the name of the file used to store a history of regular expressions

a5_saveas_formats_help Function

Bubble help list of file/save as formats.

a5_savetransformhistory Function

Save the transform history to a file


Synchronize the files in two folders.

a5_zip_files_w_fback Function

Used by Zip/Send/Backup Database. Creates a zip file based on an input list of files.

a5Helper_generateFileDownloadJS Function

Generates JavaScript to return from an Ajax Callback to download a file to the client browser.

BOF Function

Returns TRUE if the record pointer is at the beginning of the file.


Copy a list of files from one folder to another

FILE_COPY Function

Copies Source_Filename to Destination_Filename.


Returns the date, or time when a file was last updated. Info: d - date, t - time, dt - date&time


Gets the size of a file in bytes.


Returns .t. if the file is currently open.


Returns a crlf delimited string of files in a table. Options "d" - include Dictionary, "x" - include Indexes


Returns the contents of a file as a text string.

getfromapplicationdatafile Function

Get data from an application data file. String is passed by reference


Save a string to a file. The file can be saved to the local machine or Amazon S3.

savetoapplicationdatafile Function

Save a file to the application data folder. Used for settings that don't go in the registry.

touch Function

Updates the last access and last update time for a file.


Unzips files in a zip file. This high level function is a wrapper around the low level file.unzip() method.

XPS_to_PDF Function

Convert a XPS file to a PDF file.

ZIP_FILES Function

Zips up a CRLF delimited list of files. Wildcards in filenames are supported. For speed, files are combined into batches, and each batch is zipped at once.

zip_folder Function

Zips all of the files in a folder.