web_socket_server_sendmessage Function


P web_socket_server_sendMessage(C messageJSON)



A JSON string that contains the data to send. The JSON should be in the format expected by the client.



Returns a dot variable with the following properties:


Indicates whether or not an error occurred.


If an error occurred, contains information about the error. errorText will be blank if no error occurred.


Send a message to the web-sockets server. All clients that are listening to the web-sockets server will receive the message and the webSocketOnMessage client side event in each client will fire.


The sends a message to the web-sockets server. The message is sent to all clients that are listening for messages.

The message must be defined as a JSON string. The JSON format is dictated by the client(s) listening for the message. For example, if the client is expecting to receive a text string in a property called "newMessage", you must include this property in your JSON string.

dim pm as p
pm.newMessage = "Hello!"
dim json as c
messageJSON = json_generate(pm)
callResult = web_socket_server_sendMessage(messageJSON)

If messageJSON is not a JSON string, you may see the following error message on the client when a message is sent:

Received a message that was not in correct format. Messages must be JSON strings

web_socket_server_sendMessage() is not supported in Working Preview.

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