Color Functions


Alpha Anywhere provides the following color functions.


The A5_COLOR_PICKER() function displays the color picker dialog box and returns the value of the selected color. Color picker, style (RGB = comma/plus sign/space separated RGB values, HEX = hexdecimal color).

a5_minicolorpicker Function

Mini color picker, has and HLS picker and both System and Custom palettes. color = the current color, style = "ALPHA" for an alpha color, "HEX" for a hexadecimal color, "HTML" for an html color, or "RGB" for an RGB value seperated by a ",", "+", or " ".

a5_popupcolorpicker Function

Popup color palettes.

A5_SystemColorEditor Function

The A5_SystemColorEditor() function displays the Set System Colors dialog box, which allows the user to set the colors for various display elements and modes.

a5_tb_border_color_bmp Function

Draw the Border Color button with a specified color swatch.

a5_tb_fill_color_bmp Function

Draw the Fill Color button with a specified color swatch.

a5_tb_font_color_bmp Function

Draw the Font Color button with a specified color swatch.

a5_tb_shadow_color_bmp Function

Draw the Shadow Color button with a specified color swatch.

a5prop_getcolor Function

Wrapper function to get colors from form/browse objects based on version

a5prop_setcolor Function

Wrapper function to set colors on form/browse objects based on version

adb_color_load Function

Reload user defined colors from the ADB file.


The COLOR_NAME_FROM_RGB function returns an Alpha Anywhere color name (if it exists) for an RGB value.

convert_color_name_to_hex Function

Converts a color name to a hex value.

SET_BRUSH Function

SET_BRUSH() sets the fill color of any of the functions that draw an enclosed area, such as RECT()and OVAL().

SET_PEN Function

The SET_PEN() function sets the line and border color, style, and thickness.


The UI_COLOR_FORMAT() function returns the RGB color values of an Alpha Anywhere color name. Format a named color (color format R=red G=Green B=Blue or N-(numeric value or all) follow each with H=Hex O=Octal D=Decimal).


The UI_SELECT_COLOR() function displays the Select Color dialog box and returns a color name.


Displays a pallette of system colors in a drop down menu, allowing user to select a color.

Related Color Functions

A5.COLOR_ENUM() - Returns a list of Alpha Anywhere named colors.

A5.LOAD_USER_COLORS() - Populates a the color dot variable with the values of the custom colors defined for the current database.

A5.SAVE_USER_COLORS() - Saves the custom color settings that are defined in the dot variable color.

A5.SYSTEM_COLOR_GET() - Gets the color name for a color alias.

A5.SYSTEM_COLOR_SET() - Creates a color alias.

A5.SYSTEM_COLORS_GET() - Returns a list of internal color aliases.

A5_SystemColorEditor() - Displays the Set System Colors dialog box, which allows the user to set the colors for various display elements and modes.

ColorDefinition - Allows you to define colors in terms of RGB values, plus Hue, Luminance, and Saturation.

ColorDefinition.Blend() - Blends two colors.

[ColorDefinition.Enumerate()] - Lists color names.

ColorDefinition.GetHueColor() - Returns a list of color attributes.