Internet Functions


Alpha Anywhere provides the following internet functions.


The *HTML_ESCAPE() function encodes text for HTML use. Escape HTML characters, flags - 'B'lanks translated, 'S'hort list (&,",',<,>), 'Q'uotes excluded short (&,",<,>), 'D'ouble quotes only("), 'L' - label format.

*html_unescape Function

Unescape HTML characters back to plaintext Unescape HTML characters (i.e. back to plaintext, where it can be encoded).

*url_object Function

Resolve a URL to a mime-type object, optional mime type can be specified (overrides default - important for REST interfaces that return data other than HTML).

a5_browsers Function

Fetches the default browser and browser icon for the system.

A5_CSS_LIST Function

Lists all the CSS files installed in the CSS folder of the A5 Executable path


Opens the HTML editor and loads the specified file. Press control-down key or click right click to select name of file.

a5_querystring_process Function

Processes the Query string portion of a URL. Removes all name value pairs in filter_parameters - a CRLF delimited list of name/value pairs that can include wildcard characters, and adds in new_parameters - a CRLF delimited list of name/value pairs. If flagEliminameEmptyValues = .t., then names with no values are removed from the query string. If flagPrefixQuestionMark = .t., then result if prefixed with "?" if it is non-blank.

a5_sass_string Function

Parses a sass string. Internal Use Only.


The A5_SHORTEN_URL() function shortens a URL to the specified number of characters by truncating the path and inserting "...". The default length is 30. The minimum returned will be the page name with all path information removed.

A5_SHOW_HTML Function

The A5_SHOW_HTML() function displays HTML text in the HTML Editor.

A5_Show_URL Function

Opens a live browser window showing the contents of a URL.

A5_SPLIT_URL Function

The A5_SPLIT_URL() function parses a URL for its components and returns them as elements of a dot variable.

A5W_GRID Function

Creates an HTML grid (browse) of records from a specific table.

A5W_INCLUDE Function

Includes a file within an A5W page.

curl_get Function

Fetches data from a URL using CURL.

curl_get_file Function

Downloads a file using CURL.

curl_post_data Function

POST data to a URL. Uses the Extension::CURL object internally.


The HOSTAVAILABLE() function returns .T. (TRUE) if the specified host responds properly. This can be used to test for a functional network/Internet connection between the workstation and specified host.


HTMLENCODE() transforms a string in order to make it HTML-safe. Certain characters are have special meanings within HTML documents and should not be used directly.

property_from_url Function

Populate a variable or property from a url.

property_to_url Function

Dump a property variable or object to url parameters - current option of 'S' for sorted (normalized) arguments.


The RESOLVE_MIME_TYPE() function returns a properly formatted and legal mime type suitable for use in a page header or response header.

shellexplorer_url Function

Converts as URL from ACP to UTF8 if the code page for the current thread is UTF8


Decodes text that has been urlencoded.


URL Encodes text so that it can be safely used as part of a URL.