A5WS_Get_Groups Function

Use of this function to retrieve security groups in newer applications is discouraged. Use Context.Security.GetRoles() instead.


Group_List as C = a5ws_Get_Groups([* Localrequest [,L FlagWeb ]])



The Request system variable. This variable explicitly passes all request variables to the function. Required if run from a web page.


Default = .F.. If .T., groups are formatted for use in a list, checkbox, or radio control. If .F., groups returned as a CR-LF delimited list.



A list of security groups in the current web project.


Show a CR-LF list of web groups for the current project. FlagWeb default value is .F. FlagWeb = .T. will output list in a format used in web components for checkboxes, radio buttons, list boxes and dropdowns. 'Request' pointer must be provided if run in web page.


The A5WS_Get_Groups() function returns a list of security groups defined for the current web project. It can be used without parameters to return a list of groups defined for the current selected web project.

It can be used on a web page or in a web component event to retrieve a list of user security groups for use in a check box control, a dropdown list, a radio button list, or a listbox control in a legacy dialog component. Typically used in the Server Activate event of a legacy dialog component.

  1. Display the Form > Properties menu page of the legacy Dialog Builder.

  2. Click in the Server Events > Activate property.


? A5WS_Get_Groups()
= Accounting

'on web page or in component event
grouplist = a5ws_get_groups(request,.T.)


Web applications only.

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