Expression Evaluation Functions


Functions to help with evaluating expressions.

*expression_fold_constants Function

Fold constants in expression.

*property_filter Function

Create a property filter that can be used with any of the property enumerators - crlf delimited list of property patterns to match (or if prefixed with '-', properties to exclude).

*substitute Function

Substitute 'local' tags in an expression - allows optimization of expressions with lots of repeated, potentially expensive tokens.

*summary_default_group_get Function

Return default group for an expression given a variable context - optional format can include $O-over $E-each.

a5_argumentsreplace Function

Replace Arguments in a filter expression or SQL with their actual values.

a5_definearguments Function

Brings up builder allowing user to specify arguments for Link builder


Used in code generated by the Script Genie. If expression starts with = then it evaluates it as an expression in the context of the current form.

a5_evalvalueexpr Function

Evaluate an expression where <value> has been used as a placeholder

a5_expression_library Function

Displays the Expression Library

a5_function_finder Function

Helps a user select a function. Inserts the function into the expression builder or script editor.

a5_gen_filter_component Function

Called in Action Script Genie to generate a filter expression component

a5_get_expression_longnames Function

Same as a5_get_expression2(), but full qualified all field names, including fields from the parent table.

a5_make_search_expn Function

Makes a search expression from the QBF style input into a field control. Style 1 = exact match, 2 = contains, 3 = starts with, 4 = exact match, but supports wildcard characters % _ * ? . Type for dates can include format: D:m/d or D:d/m (format indicates format in which date value appears)

a5_parse_top_x_filter Function

Parses a filter expression and returns the top_x components

a5_prompt_special_filter Function

Prompts for a filter and order expression

a5_simpleargumentdefinition Function

Used to define Arguments using a simplified syntax: CRLF or comma delimited list of form :argname|type, or :argname|type|defaultvalue

a5_unflatten_query Function

Removes the flattenquery() from a filter expression

a5_validate_Xbasic_expression Function

Validates an Xbasic expression


Creates a string using the Between() function.


Creates a string using the Between() function


Creates a string using the Between() function


Creates a string using the Between() function to search for a range of records numbers.

combine_filters Function

Combine two filter expressions into a single filter expression.

eval_variables_valid Function

Returns if the expression is valid (i.e. all the fields are defined).


Evaluate code with optional macros.


Evaluate code with optional macros in its own variable namespace.

expression_demote_unique_keys Function

Demotes unique key for current table, or given a structure, the last table in the CR-LF delimited list of tables.

expression_encode Function

Encodes an exression that contains parameter placeholders.

expression_reduce_filter Function

Reduce a filter to only those sub-expressions that relate to a named table.

filter_library_by_tags Function

Filter AEX file, using list of tags with +- prefix (+ means only include tags that have one of these, - means exclude tags that include these).

getfieldsinexpression Function

Returns a CRLF delimited list of fieldnames in an expression

IF Function

Tests an expression and returns one of two expressions.


Selects value from list of parameters based on index (1 for first value,2 for second etc). Values can be mixed types, a NIL is returned if none match.

template_to_expression Function

From a template, following cr-lf delimited rules, convert to expression.

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