Session Functions


Functions for working with sessions in desktop applications.

*session_create Function

Creates a new empty session will override currently running scripts session.

*session_destroy Function

Destroy a session.

*session_disable_asynch Function

Force session to execute all code in the foreground thread.

*session_enable_asynch Function

Re-enable ability to run code in the background thread.

*session_evaluate Function

Evaluate in the context of a session.

a5_session_vars_restore Function

Restores all of the session variables from a string

a5_session_vars_store Function

Copies all of the session variables to a string that can be restores using a5_session_vars_restore()

evaluate_shared_private Function

Evaluate code in its own session, but with shared variables (passed in).

session_enum Function

Get List of open session numbers - optional format flags are N-session number, C-creator, D-primary data source, L-links to session,S-session status.

submit Function

Submit a command to run in another session.


Desktop applications only.

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