Other Xbasic Functions


Additional Xbasic functions.

A5_defineAliases Function

Allows you to define aliases for use in a Desktop application using Xbasic. Aliases in a Desktop application are normally defined using the View/Settings/Aliases dialog. This function allows you to define the aliases programmatically.

a5_force_close_all Function

Closes a desktop application.

a5wcb_createDialogUsingXbasic Function

Used to generate a UX Component programmatically.

compile_module Function

Create a compiled Xbasic code module (exports at the end).

evaluate_for_object Function

Evaluate Xbasic in the context of an object - returns error if any occur.

evaluate_for_output Function

Evaluate Xbasic, returning the output (print command) as a string, options- N means no cr-lf between printed commands ('?').

evaluate_with Function

Evaluate Xbasic 'with' a variable frame , and optional override parent - makes it easy to build a context to evaluate in.

hasChildRecords Function

For use in a Form or Report that is based on a set with one or more one-to-many child tables. Returns .t. if the current parent record has any children in the specified tableAlias. Supported by V10.

node_request Function

Calls a node service from Xbasic. Returns a JSON string.

node_request_result Function

Calls a node service from Xbasic and returns the parsed JSON.

showvarscript Function

Show the contents of a dot variable as an Xbasic script.

Xbasic Functions and Methods V9

A list of the functions and methods created for Alpha Five version 9.

Xbasic_caller_execution_level Function

Reports the level that caller of this Xbasic is running at (Application/Addin or System).

Xbasic_engine_logging_end Function

Stop logging engine debug events.

Xbasic_engine_logging_enum Function

Get a list of all the engine events that can be logged.

Xbasic_engine_logging_get Function

Get a list of the engine events that will be logged.

Xbasic_engine_logging_set Function

Set the engine events to log.

Xbasic_engine_logging_start Function

Start logging engine debug events.

Xbasic_eval_context_add Function

Create an evaluation context - can see all the functions and variables that create function can see.

Xbasic_eval_context_drop Function

Drop a named evaluation context (will release links to any session/variables/scripts).

Xbasic_eval_context_eval Function

Evaluate an expression in a named context (created by XBASIC_EVAL_CONTEXT_ADD).

Xbasic_eval_context_listener Function

Get any listener that may exist for the context.

Xbasic_eval_context_send Function

Send an event to an a5context listener object.

Xbasic_eval_context_send_object Function

Send an event object to an a5context listener object (sending a pointer allows data to be returned).

Xbasic_execution_level Function

Reports the level that Xbasic is running at (Application/Addin or System).

Xbasic_extract_functions Function

Extract JUST the functions bodies from some code.

Xbasic_remove_duplicate_dims Function

Remove duplicate DIM statements from some code.

Xbasic_remove_functions Function

Remove the functions bodies from some code.

Xbasic_script_cleanup Function

Explicitly force cleanup of unused scripts (normally done by A5 when idle).

Xbasic_script_compile Function

Returns errors in passed in Xbasic code (if any), compile output flags are e=error, l=line s=size.

Xbasic_script_tokenize Function

Return a digested Xbasic script Xbasic_token_output are (s=statement,b=block,l=line,c=command,subexpression/symbol(1,2,3,4..)).

Xbasic_search_replace Function

Do a context sensitive replacement on Xbasic code (i.e. replace symbols or strings).

Xbasic_stack_function Function

Return Xbasic local function that we are in.

Xbasic_stack_variable_get Function

Returns variable from a specified Xbasic context.

Xbasic_stack_variables_dump Function

Returns variables in Xbasic context.

Xbasic_system_of_eq Function

Splits out common subexpressions for list of expressions.

Xbasic_trace_pause Function

Suspend tracing.

Xbasic_trace_resume Function

Continue tracing after pausing.

Xbasic_variable_scope Function

Returns variable scopes names visible to command - populates property array with scopes if provided.

Xbasic_variables_aggregate Function

Count up the occurrences of variables. If ShowNew is .t. only variables created since the last call are reported.