A5DNS::Manager Class



String ConnectionProperties property


String ConnectionString property


String Domain property


CreateCNAMEEntry Method

CreateCNAMEEntry creates a new entry mapping a CName to another DNS name.

DecryptConnectionString Method

DecryptConnectionString decrypts a previously encrypted connection string using the (optional) passphrase provided.

DeleteCNAMEEntry Method

DeleteCNAMEEntry deletes an existing CNAME record.

EncryptConnectionString Method

EncryptConnectionString encrypts a connection string using a passphrase (optional).

ListCNAMERecords Method

ListCNAMERecords creates a list of existing CNAME records.

Open Method

Open uses the provided connection string to create a manager object instance of the Provider type indicated in the connection string.

ShowConnectionStringDialog Method

ShowConnectionStringDialog() shows a dialog that can be used to enter and encrypt credentials for the DNS service to be used.

Verify Method

Verify checks the content of a connection string to make sure it is valid.

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