A5DNS Namespace


The A5DNS namespace is used to manage DNS settings for the Amazon AWS Route 53 service API.

Route53 is currently the only implementation of A5DNS, but we expect to add others.

The DNS manager component helps maintain CNAME entries from within Xbasic.

A5DNS::Manager Class

Here are some options for setting up your domain:

  • Purchase a new domain from Amazon.

  • Transfer your domain on Route 53. Export the configuration from your existing provider if you have one. Then, import your configuration into Route53.

  • Delegate a hosted zone from your existing provider:

    1. On Route53, create a hosted zone composed of a new subdomain in the form:

      <new subdomain>.<existing domain>
      Take note of the list of name servers for the hosted zone.
    2. Using the tools for your existing provider, create a name server (NS) record for the new subdomain. Again, this is in the format:

      <new subdomain>.<existing domain>

      Enter the name servers from the hosted zone in step 1 as the list of name servers for the NS record.

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