A5Storage Namespace


API for working with Storage connections.

A5Storage::DataContainer Class

Used to access and manage data in a Storage container. A container can be an Azure Blob Storage account, an Amazon S3 Storage bucket, or a folder on disk located on the server or a machine on the same network as the server.

A5Storage::DataItem Class

A reference to an object in a Storage container. A DataItem does not hold any data but has methods and properties that can be used to access the object itself and to get information about it without reading the object into memory.

A5Storage::Grants Class

Used to define access permissions for objects in a Storage container.

A5Storage::NameCache Class

A container for named connection strings.

A5Storage::Permissions Class

Used to create permissions for adding access Grants to a Storage Container.

A5Storage::SecurityImpersonation Class

This class is a utility class used by other A5Storage classes to manage logins required. Some of the functions can be used independently from A5Storage containers.

A5Storage::SubContainer Class

Manages access to a folder or sub-path within a DataContainer.

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