AlphaCloud::ApplicationDeploymentSchedule Class


A Deployment Schedule describes an occurrence of a deployment with a start and (optionally) stop time.


A deployment associates an application with a web site (and optionally a path) and a security configuration. While the web site, path, and security application do not generally change over time, it is more common to change the version of the application and/or the build of Alpha Anywhere being deployed.

Each occurence of a deployment schedule has a start and (optionally) an end time.

Each schedule represents a redeployment of the application.

Each schedule is assigned a specific version of the application, a specific build of Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS.



The local time the schedule line should be effective.

The deployment will be updated to the values set after this date and time.


The ending time of the schedule. Leave empty for perpetual.

Note: If you omit the end time, the next schedule added after this one will automatically terminate this schedule line at the start time of the new one.


The version number of the application to deploy.


The security publish option should be one of the following: Preserve, Ignore, Merge, Merge Roles, Replace, Replace Roles


Must be one of the following: None, Basic, Complete, Diagnostic, Debugging

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