AlphaCloud Namespace


The AlphaCloud namespace is used to provision resources on Alpha Cloud as part of a SaaS (Software as a Service) application. In this way, an Alpha Anywhere web application can be used to provision new web sites, security applications (groups of users and roles) and application deployments.

AlphaCloud::API Class

Used to register the provisioning API for Alpha Cloud.

AlphaCloud::APIResult Class

AlphaCloud::APIResult is a common base class used to provide detailed status information after a function call on an instance of a class that is part of the AlphaCloud namespace.

AlphaCloud::ApplicationDeploymentResult Class
AlphaCloud::ApplicationDeploymentSchedule Class

A Deployment Schedule describes an occurrence of a deployment with a start and (optionally) stop time.

AlphaCloud::ApplicationDeploymentScheduleResult Class
AlphaCloud::ApplicationDeploymentWithWebSiteResult Class
AlphaCloud::BooleanOrDefault Class

This enumerated type makes it possible to select a value of .t., .f. or "default". It is used to set override values for logical property types that are optional.

AlphaCloud::Client Class
AlphaCloud::DeployApplicationCompleteRequest Class
AlphaCloud::DeployApplicationToWebSiteRequest Class
AlphaCloud::SecurityApplicationResult Class
AlphaCloud::SubscriptionApplicationDeployment Class
AlphaCloud::SubscriptionSecurityApplication Class
AlphaCloud::SubscriptionSecurityApplicationPasswordSettings Class
AlphaCloud::SubscriptionWebSite Class
AlphaCloud::WebSiteResult Class

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