DotNet::Services Class


Implements all of the .NET integration functions.


The DotNet::Services class implements all of the .NET integration functions. This includes creating object instances, calling static functions, getting and setting static properties, and registering assemblies and individual classes in the Xbasic type system.

All functions implemented by DotNet::Services are instance functions, except for ConstructGenericTypeName. You must declare (DIM) an instance of DotNet::Services to call the instance functions.

Functions return true or false (indicating success or failure). The instance of DotNet::Services retains the results of function calls in the CallResult property, as used by many other objects in Alpha Anywhere. It also gives us a place to store returned data when calling static functions and getting static properties.



Contains the results of function calls, including why a function call failed.


CallStaticFunction Method

Use CallStaticFunction() to call a static/class function in an arbitrary .NET class without having to register the assembly in the Alpha Anywhere type system.

ConstructGenericTypeName Method

Use ConstructGenericTypeName to construct the type name for a .NET generic type. These types are like templates in that they can be applied to a variety of data types, but will behave consistently.

CreateObject Method

CreateObject() creates an instance of an arbitrary .NET class without registering the assembly or class in the Xbasic type system.

GenerateWebServiceClientFromURL Method

Retrieves a WSDL File from a web site using HTTP and uses the descriptor to generate a .NET assembly.

GenerateWebServiceClientFromWSDL Method

Accepts a WSDL string and generates a .NET assembly

GetStaticProperty Method

Retrieves a static/class property value from an arbitrary .NET class.

RegisterAssembly Method

Connects an assembly and all of its classes to the Alpha Anywhere type system within a namespace.

RegisterClass Method

Connects a single class in a .NET assembly to the Alpha Anywhere type system within a namespace.

RegisterNamespace Method

Connects a .NET namespace within an assembly, and all of its classes, to the Alpha Anywhere type system

SetStaticProperty Method

Sets a static/class property value in an arbitrary .NET class.

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