Extension::CouchDB Class


CouchDB client class for performing direct CRUD operations against a couchDB or couchBase endpoint.



String baseURL property


String database property


String errorText property


String username property


String password property


String certificate property


Numeric query_limit property


Numeric query_skip property


Logical formatJson property


AddIndex Method

Add index (if _index endpoint supported by backend).

AddRecord Method

Adds a document db record using 'id'.

AddRecordAttachment Method

Add or replace an attachment to a revision of a record.

BulkOperation Method

Bulk add/remove/update record operation.

CleanupViews Method

Clean up any unused couchdb views.

CommitChanges Method

Instructs couchdb to commit all changes to disk.

Create Method

Create a couchdb object.

CreateDatabase Method

Create couch database (first time in).

DatabaseCompact Method

Instructs couchdb to compact the database.

DeleteIndex Method

Remove index (if _index endpoint supported by backend).

DeleteRecord Method

Deletes a document db record using 'id'.

DeleteRecordAttachment Method

Delete an attachment from a revision of a record.

DropDatabase Method

Delete the couchdb database.

GetAllRecords Method

Gets all records for a document database.

GetDatabaseInfo Method

Just get the database top level information.

GetRecord Method

Gets a document db record using 'id'.

GetRecordAttachment Method

Get an attachment to a revision of a record.

GetRecordRevisions Method

Gets a document db record using 'id'.

GetRecords Method

MongoDB style query (using _find endpoint).

GetSecurity Method

Get security for database.

GetTemporaryView Method

Return the results of a temporary view (for development, avoid use for production site).

GetView Method

Query a saved view - leave viewName blank if same as design name.

GetViewKey Method

Get view documents that match the key.

GetViewRange Method

Get view with a key documents between the key values, inclusive flag for endkey is included.

GetViewValue Method

Just return the 'value' json.

ListDatabases Method

Get top level database list.

ListIndexes Method

Get list of indexes (if _index endpoint supported by backend).

ReplicateDatabase Method

Replicate a database.

UpdateRecord Method

Updates a document db record using 'id'.

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