Extension Namespace


Namespace for JSON, BSON, document database, Curl and oAuth helpers.

Extension::BSON Class

Class support BSON data parsing and creation.

Extension::CouchDB Class

CouchDB client class for performing direct CRUD operations against a couchDB or couchBase endpoint.

Extension::Curl Class

libCurl class - Curl from Xbasic environment.

Extension::CurlFile Class

Object to represent a file or memory stream for uploading or downloading content using the Curl class.

Extension::CurlProgress Class

Class to track progress on a curl operation.

Extension::Json Class

Parse and construct JSON. Can be used to work with JSON content that cannot be easily deserialized to Xbasic.

Extension::Listener Class

Listener class for trapping asynchrouse events.

Extension::ListenerEvent Class

Event data returned by the Extension::Listener.Read() method.

Extension::MongoDB Class

MongoDB client, allows direct CRUD calls to a mongoDB server.

Extension::OAuthClient Class

OAuth class, can be used to sign oAuth 1.0 service requests.

Extension::PReg Class

Regular expression methods.

Extension::PRegResults Class

Class to hold results from the PReg class.

Extension::RedisClient Class

Redis Client class, used to communicate with a Redis Server.

Extension::Regex Class

Regular Expression class for searching and parsing strings.

extension::ToResultSetSettings Class

Settings for create a result set from static data.

Extension::URIParse Class

Parse and construct URI strings.

Extension::URIQuery Class

Parse and convert the query parameters from a URI string.