Helper Namespace


Helper methods for Html Processing.

Helper::ExifInfo Class

Class to extract exif information from an image file.

Helper::GoogleDrive Class

Helper class for downloading and uploading files to Google Drive.

helper::GoogleSheet Class
Helper::GPSExifInfo Class

Class to hold GPS data for related ExifInfo class.

Helper::HtmlProcessor Class

Class to search and replace html elements and attributes.

Helper::HtmlToPdf Class

Class that wraps the wkhtmltppdf utility to convert HTML content to PDF. The helper::HtmlToPdf Class class allows you to convert HTML to PDF or a URL to PDF. The following example code can be pasted into a new script in the Code editor and executed.


Helper functions for querying JSON data.

Helper::Node Class

Manage and communicate with node instances from Alpha Anywhere.

Helper::NodeAttachment Class
Helper::NodeAttachments Class
Helper::ShellProcess Class

Class to support running shell programs.