Office::Spreadsheet Class


The Office::Spreadsheet class creates and edits Excel spreadsheets. The spreadsheets can be attached to Office::ExcelDocument or Office::Excel2003Document instances.



Numeric FirstRow property


Numeric NextAvailableRow property


Numeric FirstColumn property


Numeric NextAvailableColumn property


Logical DisplayGridLines property


Logical PrintGridLines property


Numeric Zoom property


Numeric PrintZoom property


Logical Landscape property


Numeric Paper property


String Header property


Numeric HeaderMargin property


String Footer property


Numeric FooterMargin property


Logical CenterHorizontally property


Logical CenterVertically property


Numeric MarginLeft property


Numeric MarginRight property


Numeric MarginTop property


Numeric MarginBottom property


Logical PrintRowColumn property


String Name property


Logical GroupSummaryBelow property


Logical GroupSummaryRight property


Numeric NamedRangeCount property


CellIsDateValue Method

Returns true if the cell is a date value.

CellType Method

Returns the enumerated type CellType indicating the contents of the cell.

Clear Method

Clear part or all of the spreadsheet.

ClearPrintArea Method

Clears the print area.

ClearPrintRepeats Method

Clears repeated rows and columns on each page.

ColumnWidth Method

Returns the currently assigned width for a column.

CopyCell Method

Copy the cell and its format from SourceRow/Column to DestinationRow/Column.

DeleteMerge Method

Removes merged cells.

DeleteNamedRange Method

Deletes the range named.

GetMerge Method

Get the merged cell range that a particular cell belongs to.

GetNamedRange Method

Gets the range of rows and columns for a named range.

GroupColumns Method

Group FirstColumn through LastColumn. If Collapsed is set to true the group of columns will be collapsed.

GroupRows Method

Group FirstRow through LastRow. If Collapsed is set to true the group of rows will be collapsed.

InsertColumn Method

Insert new columns from FirstColumn to LastColumn.

InsertRow Method

Insert new rows from FirstRow to LastRow.

IsBlank Method

Returns true if a cell is blank. Assigns the current cell format to Format.

IsFormula Method

Returns true if the cell contains a formula.

Read Method

Returns the data contents of a cell and updates Format with the cell's format.

ReadComment Method

Returns the text value of any comment assigned to the cell.

ReadError Method

Returns the error value, if any for a cell

ReadFormula Method

Returns the formula, if any, associated with the cell. Assigns the current cell format to Format.

RemoveColumn Method

Remove columns FirstColumn through LastColumn.

RemoveRow Method

Remove rows FirstRow through LastRow.

RowHeight Method

Returns the currently assigned height for a row.

SetBlank Method

Sets the contents of a cell to a blank value and assigns a format.

SetColumn Method

Assigns a width and, optionally, a format for a column. May also hide or show a column.

SetFormat Method

Set the format for a block of cells.

SetHorizontalPageBreak Method

Set a horizontal page break on the row specified. Pass false to remove the break.

SetMerge Method

Merges cells from the first row and column through the last row and column specified.

SetNamedRange Method

Creates a named range for the rows and columns.

SetPicture Method

Assign a picture to a cell using the identifier returned the function Office::ExcelDocument::AddPicture(). Scale the picture proportionally using 1.0 as full sized."

SetPrintArea Method

Sets the print area.

SetPrintRepeatColumns Method

Sets repeated columns on each page from FirstColumn to LastColumn.

SetPrintRepeatRows Method

Sets repeated rows on each page from FirstRow to LastRow.

SetRow Method

Assigns a height and, optionally, a format for a row. May also hide or show a row.

SetVerticalPageBreak Method

Set a vertical page break on the column specified. Pass false to remove the break.

Split Method

Split the sheet at the row and column specified.

Write Method

Sets data value of a cell and assigns a format.

WriteComment Method

Assigns a comment and author to a cell giving it the designated text box size (in pixels).

WriteFormula Method

Assigns a formula to a cell and assigns a format.

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