Reporting Namespace


Classes to generate Reports and Report Charts.

Reporting::ReportChart Class

Chart parameters for embedded chart definition (populate from a datasource).

Reporting::ReportContext Class

Report evaluation context class.

Reporting::ReportDataElement Class

JSON tuple generator for report data object.

Reporting::ReportDataGenerate Class

JSON and Excel Report generator

Reporting::ReportDataGroup Class

Group definiton for report data object.

Reporting::ReportDataSection Class

JSON report section

Reporting::ReportDef Class

Class for storing subreport definitions (used to nest reports).

Reporting::ReportExcelBand Class

Excel formatting for a report band.

Reporting::ReportExcelColumn Class

Excel column formatting.

Reporting::ReportExcelCondition Class

Condition list for report (used for conditional rows).

Reporting::ReportExcelElement Class

Part of an excel report (i.e. cell)

Reporting::ReportExcelTemplate Class

All the data pertaining to formatting Excel output for the data generation object.

Reporting::ReportGenerator Class

Report text generator (used to generate HTML, plaintext ang RTF)

Reporting::ReportGeneratorMemTable Class

In memory table of reports - used to generate multiple reports from a single generate pass).

Reporting::ReportGroupDef Class

Report group definition class

Reporting::ReportObjectResources Class

Report bitmap output (stored to memory)