SQL::ConnectionGetExampleSyntaxScript Method


Sample_Script as C = GetExampleSyntaxScript()


Sample_Script Character

Reference material.


Retrieve the syntax handler source for an example syntax handler.


The .GetExampleSyntaxScript() method returns reference material useful when creating a custom syntax handler for AlphaDAO objects.

A user can implement a syntax script in its entirety by implementing all functions in the template and placing them in a text file in the Alpha Anywhere binary folder called A5SQLSyntax<shortname>.ASQ . Syntax scripts saved this way will show up in the SQL::Connection::ListSyntaxes() function.

Individual functions can be overridden by coding them in a string and calling SQL::Connection::SetSyntaxHandlerScript() on the connection to be affected. Only one script is allowed at a time.


dim conn as SQL::Connection
conn.open("{A5API=Access,FileName='C:\Program Files\A5V8\MDBFiles\Alphasports.mdb',UserName='Admin'}")
? conn.GetExampleSyntaxScript()
= ' Syntax Generation Script Example Script
' This script is provided without warranty for your use in creating a custom syntax handler for Alpha Anywhere Data Access Objects
' ...

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