SQL::DatabaseSnapshot Class


Class for creating snapshots of databases.



An object with properties that describe the result of each call to a function of SQL::DatabaseSnapshot. When the function returns false, you can get more complete information concerning the results using the CallResult property.


The unique name of the snapshot to be used if the snapshot is included in a collection of snapshots.


An object that manages the table definitions in the snapshot and the relationships between them. The schema is able to generate the scripts to drop and create tables and to be sure that tables are dropped and added in the right order, accounting for dependencies between them.


A collection of SQL::TableSnapshot objects that each contains the definition and data for a specific table.


The persisted XML string that describes the snapshot


AddTable Method

Add a SQL::TableSnapshot object to the collection of tables.

Clear Method

Removes all data and definitions from the snapshot.

Clone Method

Make a complete copy of the object and its contents.

DeleteTable Method

Removes the TableSnapshot at a specific index in the collection of table snapshots.

Load Method

Load definitions and data from an open database connection.

LoadDBF Method

Load definitions and data from the currently open DBF database.

NewInstsance Method

Make a new and empty DatabaseSnapshot.

Store Method

Creates tables and stores data contained in the snapshot in the database referenced by the open connection provided. If the parameter CreateTables is set to false, the tables are assumed to exist.

StoreDBF Method

Creates DBF tables and populates them from the definitions and data contained in the snapshot. The tables are created in the directory of the currently open database and added to the database.

TableNumber Method

Looks up the index number of the table name provided.

ToExcel Method

Create an Excel 2003 workbook with a sheet for each table in the snapshot.

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