table.FIELD_GET Function


as P = Field_Get([C field_number|N Field_index])

as P = Field_Get([C Fieldname|N Field_index])



The number of a field in the record. The first field is number 1.


The name of a field in the table.


Get a field given a name or index into current Table.


The <TBL>.FIELD_GET() method returns the <FIELD> object pointer that references a particular field from the table referenced by <TBL>. You can specify the field either by number or by name. If you know the Field_Name, you can also get an object pointer to the field by returning the value of the field object's this property. For Example

<FIELD> = <TBL>.Field_Name.this

Contrast the TABLE.FIELD_GET() method for the built-in TABLE object with the <TBL>.FIELD_GET() method for a table object pointer established using the TABLE.OPEN() or TABLE.RESET() methods.


This script fills an array with the field names in a table.

dim fnames[1024] as C ' square brackets required in version 6 and above
table_name = ui_get_file("Choose Table","Tables(*.DBF)","","X")
if table_name = "" then
end if
tbl =
for i = 1 TO tbl.fields_get()
    fld = tbl.field_get(i)
    fnames[i] = fld.name_get()' square brackets required in version 6 and above
next i
field_choice = ui_get_list_array("Field Names",1,"fnames")

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