Filename as C = Table.Filename_Get([C tablename])

Filename as C = <TBL>.FILENAME_GET()



Table_Name is an entry in the Tables/Sets tab on the Control Panel.


Get the filename of the table, if name specified, returns full path to provided database name.


The TABLE.FILENAME_GET() method returns the filename of Table_Name. Contrast this with <TBL>.FILENAME_GET() method which returns the filename of the table referenced by the object pointer. Note : If you are working with a shadow database (created by a Network Optimization operation), Filename will be the file name of the shadow table. If you want the filename of the real table, use the TABLE.ACTUAL_FILENAME_GET() method. Again, the <TBL>.FILENAME_GET() method returns the Filename of the table (.dbf file) referenced by the <TBL> object pointer.


TABLE.FILENAME_GET(), This script returns the filename of the customer table.

filename = table.filename_get("customer")

<TBL>.FILENAME_GET(), This script opens a second instance of the current table.

dim tbl as P
tbl = table.current()
tbl2 =

This script does the same as the above script.

dim tbl2 as P
tbl2 =

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