TABLE.GET Function


as P = Get(C table_name)



The alias name of the table. The alias is the same as the table name (excluding drive and path and file extension) for the first instance of that table that is opened in a session. However, if more than one instance of the a table is opened, Alpha Anywhere will automatically assign each instance a unique Alias.


The TABLE.GET() method takes the Alias of an open table and returns an object pointer to this table. Use this method when you know the alias of a open table, but you do not have a pointer to it. You need a pointer to a table to use any of the methods to manipulate a table. To obtain a pointer to a table when you do not know the alias name, use the TABLE.CURRENT() method.

If you run this code in the Interactive window, you will first have to select Interactive > Set Interactive Window Session, pick the current window name, and click OK.


Obtain a pointer for the specified table alias.

alias_name = ui_get_list("Choose Table", 1, "customer", "product", "vendor")
if alias_name = "" then
end if
tbl = table.get(alias_name)

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