table.UNMARK_RANGE Function


V Unmark_Range(C Filter_Expr)



Optional. Default = .T. (all records). A character filter expression that evaluates to a logical value. Selects the records that will be unmarked.


Unmark a range of records in the table.


The <TBL>.UNMARK_RANGE() method is a high-level utility function used to unmark selected records in a table. The operation is performed on the records in the table pointed to by the <TBL> object pointer. If the optional Filter is omitted, records in the current query or range are unmarked. If a Filter is included, the current query or range is ignored, and records that satisfy the Filter are unmarked. Note : If you are unmarking records in a set with one-many child links off the parent table in which you are unmarking records, remember that if referential integrity is enabled, unmarking a parent record will result in all matching child records being unmarked as well.


This script unmarks California customer records.

tbl ="d:\a5\a_sports\customer.dbf")
'Perform a query to find California customers.
query.filter = "State_prov = 'CA' "
query.order = "Recno()"
qry_ca_cust = tbl.query_create()
'Unmark all records in current query by omitting the optional filter expression

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