table.UPDATE Function


V Update(), Specify the required values in the Update dot variable, then use the following command:<TBL>.UPDATE()



Type "N". Specifies how many fields are to be updated.

Update.field1 ... Update.fieldN

Type "C". Fields (1 ... N) containing the names of the fields to be updated.

Expr1 ... ExprN

Type "C". Fields (1 ... N) containing the value or expression used to update the field.


Update all records in table using expressions.


The <TBL>.UPDATE() method is a high-level utility used to globally update the records of a specified table. You perform an Update operation on the table referenced by the <TBL> pointer. Each Update operation is defined on a field-by-field basis. Field mappings consists of a Fieldname and an associated Update expression. All of the currently selected records are updated (i.e., the active range, index, or query).


This script is used to update the ON_HAND and STATUS fields in a table for all records that satisfy a filter condition.

tbl ="products")
'Define a query so that only selected records are updated.
query.filter = "TYPE = 'Camping'"
query.order = ""
query.options = ""
indx = tbl.query_create()
update.fields = 2
update.field1 = "ON_HAND"
update.expr1 = "0"
update.field2 = "STATUS"
update.expr2 = " 'Discontinued' "

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