Label.SaveAs Function


Label.SaveAs as C ( Layout_Name as C [, Format as C [, Filter_Expression as C [, Order_Expression as C [, Output_Filename as C [, Open_Application as L [, PrintOptions as P [, Arguments as SQL::Arguments [, Options as P ]]]]]]]] )


The Label.SaveAs() method prints Layout_Name to file in PDF, HTML, RTF, or TXT formats. If no format is specified, the PDF format is used.


If you specify an optional Filter_Expression, the only records matching the filter are printed. (In addition to the filter specified here, the layout may have a filter defined within the layout definition).

The layout is printed to Output_Filename. If Output_Filename is not specified, the layout is printed to a file with the same name as the Layout_Name in the same folder as the database.

For more information and detailed description of parameters, see Report.SaveAs Function.

For web applications use the a5w_report_saveas(), a5w_label_saveas(), or a5w_letter_saveas() functions.

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