Thread Methods


Methods available for the thread object.


ClearClientSecurityContext Method

Clear a previously stored client security context.

ClearCurrentWebPageApplicationRootPath Method

Clear a previously stored web page application root path.

ClientSecurityContextIsValid Method

Returns true if the client security context as been set.

create Method

Create a new thread, name can be blank (in which case a name is assigned), if optional variable frame is defined - it becomes the base variable frame, if optional exact-name parameter is set, the name will be munged if a thread of that name already exists.

current Method

The currently running thread.

DisableXBasicExceptionDumpFiles Method

Disable Mini-Dump creation when an exception is caught executing Xbasic code.

EnableXBasicExceptionDumpFiles Method

Enable Mini-Dump creation when an exception is caught executing Xbasic code.

enum Method

Enumerate threads.

event Method

Send an event to the thread.

exist Method

Return true if a thread of the given name exist.

get Method

Find a thread based on the name.

get_priority Method

Gets a threads priority

GetClientSecurityContext Method

Retrieve the client security context.

GetCPUUsageInMilliseconds Method

Returns the total CPU usage (kernel and user times) for the thread in milliseconds with fractional values to the right of the decimal point.

GetCurrentWebPageApplicationRootPath Method

Retrieve the previously stored web page application root path.

interrupt Method

Send an interrupt event to another thread (thread needs an interrupt function).

IsCooperative Method

Returns if the thread state is cooperative.

last_step_time Method

When debugging a thread, report the time taken for the last step.

LogThreadTransitions Method

Enable/Disable logging for thread transitions.

name Method

Get a threads name.

persist_session Method

Disables cleanup of session resources when thread exits (for temporary worker threads).

Profiler_Begin Method

Start profiling for the thread.

Profiler_Dump Method

Format profiling data collected for the thread and write the results.

Profiler_End Method

Stop profiling for the thread and write the results.

Profiler_Format Method

Format profiling data collected for the thread and return as a string.

Profiler_Pause Method

Pause profiling for the thread.

Profiler_Reset Method

Clear collected profiling information for the thread.

Profiler_Resume Method

Continue profiling for the thread after pausing.

RecordEvent Method

Write an event marker for the thread (used in tracing). This is an advanced function for use in diagnosing issues.

RequestTermination Method

Requests that a thread executing a script terminate execution.

set_priority Method

Set a threads priority

SetClientSecurityContext Method

Store a client security context.

SetCurrentWebPageApplicationRootPath Method

Store the current web page application root path for the thread.

TraceThreadTransitions Method

Enable/Disable tracing for thread transitions.

ui_disabled Method

Returns .T. if current thread has UI disabled.

variables Method

Get a threads base variable frame.

wait Method

Thread must wait until another thread does a '<thread>.event'.

XBasic_Trace_Begin Method

Trace Xbasic execution (if source is available).

XBasic_Trace_End Method

Stop tracing Xbasic code execution.

XBasic_Trace_Pause Method

Pause Xbasic execution tracing for the thread.

XBasic_Trace_Resume Method

Continue tracing for the thread after pausing.

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