A5.ListBoxresize Method




Resize the list.


The resize method should be used in preference to the refresh method when changes to the list are made that only effect the layout size of the list. When the refresh method is called the entire list is redrawn. In contrast the resize method only changes the sizes of elements in the list. If the contents or display of an element in the list header or footer is changed or a column size is adjusted, the resize method can fix layout issues without causing a refresh of the entire list.


// To get a pointer to the A5.ListBox class see {dialog.object}.getControl
// assume lObj is a pointer to an instance of the A5.ListBox class
lObj.layouts['Main'].columns[1].width = '300px'; // change the size of the second column in the "Main" layout of the list.
lObj.resize(); // resize the list

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