A5.chart.guides.annotationDefinition Line Object


The definition of a line annotation.


The "line" annotation can be used to add arbitrary line on the chart. The line is defined by a start and end point, both of which are defined using A5.chart Definition Location Object. An additional label can also be optionally defined.

The "label" settings applicable to the marker is "location", "callout.location" and "callout.from". Values of "label.location" can be "none" (the default), "callout", "start", "middle" and "end". The values "start", "middle" and "end" can be combined with "before" and "after" in order to control the side of the line the label is placed on For "start" and "end" the "offset.axis" will allow the label to be moved along the line from the original location. These two can also be combined with "inside" to place the label so that it is aligned to be closer to the line. For example on a horizontal line on a rectangular chart the "location" value "end before inside" would place the label above the line with the right side of the label aligned to the right end point of the line.

The "callout.location" property is used to position where the callout label is placed. See A5.chart Definition Location Object for clarification on location settings.

Values of "callout.from" can be "center", "start" and "end". The "offset.axis" will be used to shift the start point of the callout along the line.



The start location of the line. See A5.chart Definition Location Object.


The end location of the line. See A5.chart Definition Location Object.


The line definition. See A5.chart Definition Line Object.


The shape rendering mode for the line in the SVG. Values can be "inherit" (the default), "optimizeSpeed", "crispEdges" or "geometricPrecision".


The line label. See A5.chart Definition Label Object.