A5 Namespace


A5 top level client namespace.

A5.ajax Namespace

Methods for building URL query strings and making ajax callbacks. Namespace

Container for audio player and recorder.

A5.Button Class

Button control.

A5.ButtonDropdown Class

Dropdown button control.

A5.ButtonList Class

Button list control.

A5.buttonLists Namespace

The namespace for button list methods.

A5.buttons Namespace

The namespace for button methods.

A5.ButtonToggle Class

Button toggle control.

A5.chart Namespace

The namespace for chart generation methods.

A5.ControlBar Class

Control bar.

A5.d Namespace

The namespace for defaults.

A5.edit Namespace

The namespace for edit (INPUTs and TEXTAREAs) utility methods and properties.

A5.form Namespace

A5 form namespace.

A5.Ink Class

Ink control. Namespace

The namespace for ink utility methods and properties.

A5.ListBox Class

List control. Class

A5 map class.

A5.msgBox Class

A5 msgBox class.

A5.PanelCard Class

Panel card.

A5.PanelLayout Class

Panel layout.

A5.PanelNavigator Class

Panel navigator.

A5.Select Class

SELECT tag helper control. Namespace

Methods available in Apps deployed using AlphaLaunch for accessing info about the File System and interacting with the AlphaLaunch environment.

A5.SpinList Class

Spin list control.

A5.stripe Namespace

A5 stripe namespace.

A5.u Namespace

The namespace for utility methods and properties.

A5.ViewBox Class

View box control.


emailValid Method

Validates an email address using the RFC 2822 standard regex expression.

executeThisThenThat Method

Executes multiple Ajax Callbacks synchronously.

runChain Method

Run a series of JavaScript functions synchronously.