A5.uarray Namespace


The namespace for utility methods for array manipulation.

A5.u.array.series Namespace

The namespace for utility methods for working with series (multiple parallel arrays).


combine Method

Include the unique items from the second array in the first.

explode Method

Explode child arrays in an array of object.

group Method

Group an array of object.

include Method

Include an item in the array if the new item is unique.

match Method

Get the first index an item that matches the passed in item.

move Method

Move the items with the given indexes in the array.

order Method

Order the items in the array.

remove Method

Remove the items with the given indexes from the array.

resolver Method

Create a resolver function from the passed in array.

search Method

Search an array for a value(s).

stack Method

Stack an array of object for visual presentation based on a start value and an end or size value.

unique Method

Get the unique items of an array.

ununique Method

Get the ununique items of an array.