Client Side Template



Displays alternative text when an array contains no entries.

If an array does not contain any entries you can specify alternative text to display. This is done using the {*empty}...{/*empty} directive. The text inside the {*empty} directives will be displayed in the event that an array contains no data. For example, consider the following sample data:

    employees: [
        {firstname: 'Fred', lastname: 'Smith', skills: [ {name: 'Javascript'},{name: 'CSS'}]},
        {firstname: 'Laura', lastname: 'Linneker', skills: [{name: 'Xbasic'}]},
        {firstname: 'Junior', lastname: 'Programmer', skills: [] }

Notice that only the last array instances does not have any rows in the skills array. If the skills array is empty, we would like to print "No skills yet". Otherwise, we would like to display a list of skills and the total number of skills an employee has. The template defined below demonstrates how this is done:

    Employee name: {firstname} {lastname}<br>
                No skills yet
            Skill Name: {name}


Employee name: Fred Smith
Skill Name: Javascript Skill Name: CSS

Employee name: Laura Linneker
Skill Name: Xbasic

Employee name: Junior Programmer
No skills yet