Client Side Template



Formats string values to make them lowercase.

The lowercase directive can be placed inside a placeholder for a field to make all of the HTML, that is output from the field, lowercase.


For example, if you had this set of JSON data and wanted to turn everything in the 'state' field to lowercase.

    employees: [
        {firstname: 'Fred', lastname: 'Smith', state: 'MA'},
        {firstname: 'Laura', lastname: 'Linneker', state: 'CA'},
        {firstname: 'Junior', lastname: 'Programmer', state: 'MA'},
        {firstname: 'Bill', lastname: 'Lindsey', state: 'NY'}

This template could be created where the placeholder for the state field has the lowercase directive placed inside of it.

    Employee state:{state:lowercase}<br>

The result:

Employee state:ma
Employee state:ca
Employee state:ma
Employee state:ny
The missing data directive can be combined with formatting directives. For example: {price:number('#.00')||N/A}