Client Side Template



Formats string values to make them uppercase.

The directive is can be placed inside a placeholder for the string to be defined.


For example, say you had this set of JSON data and wanted to change the 'firstname' field to uppercase.

    employees: [
        {firstname: 'Fred', lastname: 'Smith', state: 'MA'},
        {firstname: 'Laura', lastname: 'Linneker', state: 'CA'},
        {firstname: 'Junior', lastname: 'Programmer', state: 'MA'},
        {firstname: 'Bill', lastname: 'Lindsey', state: 'NY'}

In the Template an uppercase directive can be added inside the firstname placeholder.

    Employee name:{firstname:uppercase } {lastname}<br>

The result:

Employee name:FRED Smith
Employee name:LAURA Linneker
Employee name:JUNIOR Programmer
Employee name:BILL Lindsey
The missing data directive can be combined with formatting directives. For example: {price:number('#.00')||N/A}