$ Function


$(eleId as string [..., eleId-N as string])



A case-sensitive string representing the ID of the element to find.


(Optional) One or more additional element IDs to find, separated by commas.


Gets a pointer to one or more HTML elements.

The $() function gets a pointer to elements in the HTML. It takes an arbitrary number of arguments, each a string with the ID of the element you wish to get a pointer to.

If you pass it a single eleId, the function will return a pointer to that element.

If you pass it multiple eleIds, the function will return a Javascript array of the HTML elements.

If an element with the ID specified does not exist, the function will automatically look for an element that has a NAME of the passed in string, and return it.

The $() function is a convenient alternative to the native Javascript document.getElementById() function.


$('firstname').value = 'Fred';

var p = $('lastname');
p.value = 'Smith';

/*Get an array of pointers to elements on the page */
var arr = $('firstame','lastname','city','state','zip');
arr[0].value = 'Fred';
arr[1].value = 'Smith';
This method is deprecated when used in a UX Component to get pointers to controls. Prefer to use {dialog.object}.getPointer method.

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