{grid.object}getRowsInGrid Method




Returns the number of rows in the current page of the grid. This is not the same as the number of rows in the Grid query.


The {grid.object}.getRowsInGrid() method replaced the internal ._rowsInGrid property. When users were using the internal ._rowsInGrid property to get the number of rows in the current page, but this value includes rows that have been deleted.

For example, say that the Grid is set to show 10 rows per page and that the refresh method is set to 'Auto' and that a minimal refresh is done after update, insert and delete operations. If the user deletes a row from the Grid, the ._rowsInGrid property will still be 10, because the deleted row is not really deleted from the current page - it is just hidden and marked as deleted.

On the other hand, the {grid.object}.getRowsInGrid() method will return 9.

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