{grid.object}runAction Method


{grid.object}.runAction(actionName [, ele]);



The action to run.


A pointer to a DOM element. This is only required if the action performs a task that is relative to other controls in the component, such as opening a window in a dropdown or positioned relative to another object.


Runs a Javascript Action for the Grid Component that was defined using the Action Script builder.


Runs an action that was defined using the Action javascript builder. You can optionally pass in a pointer to the object that invokes the action.

Passing in a pointer to the element that invokes the action is necessary when the action you are running opens a 'dropdown' window or a window positioned relative to an object.

Running an Action

To run an action, simply call {grid.object}.runAction with the name of the action to execute.


Passing in a Pointer to an Element

Some actions, such as opening a window in a dropdown or a window that is positioned relative to another control, require additional information provided by passing an element to the {grid.object}.runAction method. You can pass the this pointer to the method to accomplish the task:


You can also pass in a different element in your component. For example, suppose you wanted the popup window to appear relative to a button when the action is invoked:

//Get a pointer to BUTTON1 in Row 2
var ele = $('{grid.componentName}.V.R2.BUTTON1');

{grid.object}.runAction('showWindow', ele);

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