{dialog.object}getValueDisplay Method





The control to get the display value from. See {dialog.object}.getValue() for more information on how to specify the name for a control in a List or Repeating Section.



Returns the display value for the specified control.


Get the value of a control in the UX Component.


Dropdown boxes and Edit-combo controls can have separate stored and displayed values. If the {dialog.object}.getValue() function is used to get the value for a control that stores a separate value from the displayed value, the value returned is the stored value. In some situations, you may want to get the displayed value instead of the stored value. The {dialog.object}.getValueDisplay() function will return the displayed value for Dropdown box and Edit-combo controls that have separate stored and displayed values. For example:

// Get the displayed value in the 'states' Dropdown Box
var state = {dialog.object}.getValueDisplay('states');

// Show the value in a popup window:
var title = "Selected State";
var msg = '<div style="height:1in;padding: 30px;">Selected state is ' + state +'</div>';
var buttons = 'o'; // OK button,msg,buttons);

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