Control Methods


UX component methods for working with Data Controls, action sheets, buttons, ink, PDF Viewer, captchas, dropdown boxes, and more.


activateControlContainer Method

If a control is inside a Tab or Accordion container, activates the pane in which the control in contained. This method will also activate the PanelCard in which the control has been placed.

buttonClick Method

Executes the click event for a Button.

frameOpenStateChange Method

Sets the open or closed state of a modern frame.

getControl Method

Get a pointer to a control to call methods of an object, or set properties of an object.

getDateValue Method

Get the valuel of a control in the UX Component as a JavaScript Date object.

getPointer Method

Get a pointer to the DOM element for a UX component control.

getValue Method

Get the value of a control in the UX Component.

getValueDisplay Method

Get the value of a control in the UX Component.

imageIsEmpty Method

Returns true if an image control is empty.

inkIsEmpty Method

Returns true if an Ink control is empty.

openLookup Method

Opens the lookup Grid for a particular field.

pdfViewerLoad Method

Displays a PDF in the PDFViewer control.

populateDropdownBox Method

Populates the choices in a Dropdownbox control.

populateDropdownBoxRepeatingSection Method

Updates dropdown box choices.

populateExpandingMenuControl Method

Populates an Expanding Menu control.

populateMultiSelectTokensControl Method

Populates a Multi-select Tokens control with new data.

refreshCaptcha Method

Refreshes the CAPTHA image for the specified control.

refreshDropdownBoxChoices Method

Does an Ajax callback to recompute the choices in a DropdownBox and repopulates the choices in the DropbownBox for the specified controlName.

refreshExpandingMenuData Method

Refreshes one or more Expanding Menu controls.

refreshViewBoxData Method

Refreshes a ViewBox control.

setControlDisplay Method

Show or hide a UX Control. Can also be used to show or hide a Tab or Accordion Pane.

setDisabled Method

Set the state of a control to either enabled or disabled.

setFocus Method

Sets focus to a specified control on the dialog.

setValue Method

Set the value of a control in the UX Component.

setValueFrom Method

Combines the .getValue() and .setValue() methods into a single method.

signatureIsEmpty Method

Returns value indiciating whether or not the Signature control is empty.