Data Binding Methods


UX component methods for a submitting, resetting, and populating a data bound UX.


_primaryKeyListSetKey Method

Sets the active row in the Primary key Control to the specified primary key value.

deleteRecord Method

Deletes the current record in the 'primary' table. Applies only to a component that has been bound to one or more tables.

getKey Method

Gets the primary key value for the specified table alias.

newRecord Method

Changes the current 'mode' from editing an existing record to entering a new record.

populateControlsFromTable Method

Populates the controls in a Dialog with data from a table.

refreshPrimaryKeyList Method

Refreshes the list of primary keys that the UX component has retrieved from the server.

setClean Method

Set the UX Component's data modified state to "clean".

setDirty Method

Sets the UX component to be dirty.

setKey Method

If the UX has been bound to tables, sets the primary key value for the specified table alias.

sortPrimaryKeyList Method

Sort the entries in the List View after the user has edited a field.

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