FormView Methods


UX component methods for manipulating FormView controls.


formViewClearErrors Method

Clears any errors shown on the FormView control.

formViewCommit Method

Commits the data in the FormView control back to the data source.

formViewData Method

Populates a FormView control with data in a dataObject.

formViewGetState Method

Gets the FormView state object and stores it in a variable.

formViewGetViewBox Method

Gets a pointer to the ViewBox control used in the FormView control.

formViewInvokeEditor Method

Opens the editor for a field, even if the field is not visible in the current FormView.

formViewIsDirty Method

Returns true if the FormView controls is dirty (i.e. has edits that have not been committed back to the data source);

formViewNavigate Method

Sets focus to a field in the FormView (and opens the Editor - if defined - for the target field.)

formViewNewRecord Method

Displays a new record in the FormView control.

formViewRefresh Method

Repopulates the Form View with data from the FormView's data source.

formViewRow Method

Gets or sets the logical 'row' property of the FormView control.

formViewSetLayout Method

Displays the specified layout. (Assumes that when the FormView was defined, multiple layouts were defined).

formViewSetStateVariables Method

Sets FormView state variables.

formViewUpdate Method

Sets the value in one or more FormView controls.

formViewValidate Method

Validates the data in FormView by evaluating the validation function for each field.