General Methods


General methods for working with state information, embedded components, simulating online status, inspecting the application environment, and more.


_getOnlineStatus Method

Returns true if the device has an internet connection. Returns false if there is no connection.

_populateSourceComponent Method

Set the value of controls in the calling Grid or UX component to the value of the mapped controls in the current UX.

_setSimulatedOnlineStatus Method

Allows you to simulate offline behavior of you component event when you have a connection.

argumentValue Method

Get the value of an argument that was passed to the UX component.

closeCurrentTabbedUIPane Method

If the Dialog was opened in a Tabbed UI Pane, closes the current pane in the Tabbed UI.

customSetting Method

Get or Set the value of a custom setting.

destroyChildComponent Method

Deletes a child UX component from memory.

getChildObject Method

Returns a pointer to the child component.

getConnectionType Method

Returns the type of connection the device has. (May not return reliable information if not running in a Cordova shell).

getData Method

Gets the value of all of the controls in the UX Component in the form of a query string (name/value pairs).

getParentObject Method

If this component is opened from a parent Grid or UX component, this returns a pointer to the parent object so you can execute methods on the parent object.

getSessionVariable Method

Get the value of a session variable.

getStateInfo Method

Get all of the state variable information for the UX component.

getTopParentObject Method

Returns a pointer to the top most parent object.

loadCSSFile Method

Loads CSS from a file.

loadJavascriptFile Method

Loads an external JavaScript file.

networkSpeedTest Method

Measures the network speed between the server and the device calling the method.

onTimerEventStart Method

Causes the onTimer client-side event to start firing automatically every n seconds as specified by the interval (in milliseconds).

onTimerEventStop Method

Turns off the onTimer event.

refreshClientSideComputations Method

Force all client-side computations (calculated fields, show/hide expression, enable expression, etc) to be recomputed.

resetForm Method

Resets all controls in the UX Component to their original value. Displays a confirmation prompt before resetting the controls. Pass in an optional parameter of false to suppress the prompt.

runAction Method

Runs an action that was defined using the Action Script builder.

serverIsAvailable Method

Tests if the Alpha Anywhere server is available. This is a more comprehensive test than simply testing if an Internet connection is available.

setCSS Method

Adds CSS to the UX Component at run-time.

setStateInfo Method

Allows you to store arbitrary data in the UX Component's 'state' object.

submit Method

Submits the UX to the server.

synchronizeEmbeddedUX Method

Synchronizes an embedded UX component.