Local Storage Methods


Methods for saving data to and loading data from Local Storage in a UX Component.


_ls_deleteKeys Method

Deletes data for the specified keys from Local Storage.

_ls_getData Method

Returns an object with information about keys stored in Local Storage.

_persistFolder Method

Gets the sub-folder in which the files are actually stored. Returned folderName includes a trailing / character.

_persistToLocalStorageInitializeKeys Method

Use to delete persisted List data (including edits) from Local Storage or the File System (Cordova applications.)

_restoreVariablesFromLocalStorage Method

Restores persisted variables stored in Local Storage to the UX Component.

persistListToLocalStorage Method

Manually persist List data and state to Local Storage (assuming the List properties have been set to allow persistence to Local Storage). Normally this method is not needed because the List is automatically persisted to Local Storage any time the List contents is changed (by adding, deleting or editing data in the List).

persistVariablesToLocalStorage Method

Stores information in Local Storage.

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