Panel Methods


Methods for navigating panels in a UX component.


getPanelObject Method

If the UX component use Panels, gets a pointer to the Panel object. Once you have a pointer to the Panel Object you can call methods of the Panel Object (such as .getState() and .setState()).

panelGet Method

Gets a pointer to a Panel.

panelGetActive Method

Gets the name of the active Panel.

panelGetId Method

Gets the ID of the specified 'part' of a Panel.

panelHeight Method

Returns the height of the Panel body in pixels.

panelNavigate Method

Navigates to the next or previous Panel in a Panel Navigator

panelRemove Method

Remove a Panel from a Panel Navigator control.

panelSetActive Method

Sets focus to a particular Panel. Press the control-down key or click to select Panel name in a UX component.

panelWidth Method

Returns the width of the Panel body in pixels.

unZoomPanelCard Method

Resets the zoom level for a Panel Card.

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