{dialog.object}panelRemove Method


{dialog.object}.panelRemove(UXPanelNavigatorName, UXPanelName [, type])



The name of the Panel Navigator that contains the Panel. E.g. "PANELNAVIGATOR_1".


The name of the Panel to remove. The name can either be the Dynamic Panel's name (e.g. "PANELCARD_1" or "PANEL_DETAILS") or the Dynamic Panel's title (e.g. "User options").


Default = "name". The UXPanelName type. It can either be "name" or "title". This option can be used to remove a Panel based the Panel's title instead of its name.


Remove a Panel from a Panel Navigator control.


The panelRemove() removes a Panel from a Panel Navigator. It is often used to remove Panels from a Panel Navigator that are dynamically created, such as opening a UX component in a Panel using Action Javascript. You can specify the Panel to remove by it's name or title (the title is the value specified in the Dynamic Panel Title property for the action).

If you want to remove a Panel by title, you must specify the type parameter. See examples below.


// Removing a Panel by name:

// Removing a Panel by title, such as a UX that has been opened in a Panel:
// The Panel Title is the value set in the "Dynamic Panel Title" property for the Open a UX Component Action.
{dialog.object}.panelRemove('PANELNAVIGATOR_1','User Details','title');