Panel Object Methods


Available methods for a Panel Object.

panelObject.addPanel Method

Adds a panel to a Panel Navigator

panelObject.getState Method

Get the state of the Panel Object.

panelObject.hideDock Method

Hides all dockable panels in a Panel Layout.

panelObject.setState Method

Restores the state of a Panel Object from a previously saved state.

To get a pointer to a panel, use the {dialog.object}.panelGet method:

var panelObj = {dialog.object}.panelGet('MYLAYOUTPANEL_1');

If a UX component uses panels, you can use the {dialog.object}.getPanelObject method to get a pointer to the panel object. This is useful if you wish to get or set panel state information in the UX component:

var panelObj = {dialog.object}.getPanelObject();

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