Memo functions


Functions for working with memos.

a5_generic_memo_viewer Function

Displays memos, rtf memos, bitmap, jpeg, or image file ref fields in the appropriate viewer


Opens a text editor. Used to edit memos when user clicks the pencil icon. Returns 'lastbutton' and 'insertion_point'

A5_MEMO_EDITOR2 Function

The A5_MEMO_EDITOR2() function displays the Memo Editor.

a5_memo_editor_object Function

Called when user clicks the Pencil icon in Browse mode, and the browse is in view mode (i.e. the memo editor is not open for editing).

convert_a5_to_a4 Function

Convert a5 data files to a4 format, flags: X- convert extended characters, M-convert memo files, D-DBT to FPT.

convert_dbt_to_fpt Function

Convert memos for a file from DBT to FPT.

convert_fpt_to_dbt Function

Convert memos for a file from FPT to DBT.