Miscellaneous Functions


Miscellaneous functions.

a5_activate_phone Function

Opens a dialog for activating Alpha Anywhere by telephone


The A5_ADDIN_MANAGER() function displays the Addin Manager dialog box when a form or browse is open.

a5_append_op_result Function

Displays the Append Records result dialog box

a5_argumentsdialog Function

Display the arguments definition dialog

a5_configure_update_chk Function

Displays the dialog box to configure automatic update checking

a5_copy_op_result Function

Displays the Copy Records result dialog box

a5_defaultbrowseonxdialog Function

Displays an Xdialog showing an embedded default browse for a table.


The A5_EDIT_SPEED_GLOSSARY() function displays the Speed Typing Glossary dialog box, which allows you to add, edit or delete entries.

a5_export_op_result Function

Displays the Append Records result dialog box

a5_fixxdialogpositions Function

Moves any Xdialogs that were saved with positions that are now off the primary display onto the primary display


The A5_GENERIC_PRINT() function prints the text in a text object in an Xdialog form using the default printer.


The A5_GENERICSEARCHREPLACE() function displays the Find/Replace/Goto dialog box for a text object on an Xdialog form.

a5_genieheadinghtml Function

Allows you to create dialog boxes that look like Microsoft Wizard dialogs. Creates a white band with an image and text at the top that can be displayed in an embedded window on a parent dialog box.

a5_get_toolbar_xdialog Function

Gets the Xdialog strings that are actually shown after pre-processing a saved toolbar. If type is "string", then pass in the toolbar string in the format it is stored in the dictionary.

a5_global_search_scripts Function

Opens the Global Search Scripts/Udf dialog. If find_what = "", dialog defaults to last search value.

a5_gridcomponentopeninwindow Function

Open a Grid component in an Xdialog window. Use op.base_filter, op.user_filter, op.link and op.argumentBindings to define a filter for the Grid. op.height and op.width define the window size.

a5_imp_append_op_result Function

Displays the Import-Append Records result dialog box

a5_is_find_by_key_open Function

Tests if the Find by key dialog is open

a5_linktoolbar Function

Used in a MDI Xdialog to link the toolbar to the MDI xdialog window so that when a variable changes in one dialog it also changed in another.

a5_mark_op_result Function

Displays the generic Mark Records result dialog box


The A5_OWNER_DRAW_LIST_FMT() function takes a CR-LF delimited list, on an Xdialog, and adds 'owner-draw' formatting command to the list. (See the Learning Xdialog book for information on 'owner-draw' formatting options).

a5_paste_special Function

Displays the Paste Special Dialog (showing the contents of the A5 Record clipboard)

a5_post_op_result Function

Displays the Post Records result dialog box


The A5_PROMPT_FOR_IMAGENAME() function displays the Insert Image dialog box.

a5_request_activation Function

Display the Request and Activation Key dialog

a5_selectwinusers Function

Dialog to select users from a windows machine or domain, type can be "user", "group", or "computer"

a5_sendexportorprint_code Function

Displays a dialog to export, print or email code.

a5_setamyuniprops Function
a5_showpopuphelp Function

Popup help dialog.

a5_update_op_result Function

Displays the Update Records result dialog box

a5_wait_xdialog Function

Displays a modeless Xdialog telling user to wait. Xdialog title is returned so that calling code can close it.

a5_xd_genie_listvcodeget Function

Generate code for the List View Genie

a5_xd_genie_simplechartcodeget Function

Generate code for the SimpleChart Genie

a5_xdialog_builder_genie Function

Display the xdialog genie

a5_xdialog_font_override Function

Some Xdialogs will not render properly if the system font for Xdialog is not Tahoma,8. This function allows you to temporarily override the user's custom font setting.

a5_xdialog_preprocess Function

Used to pre-process Xdialog Body strings that contain macro commands. e.g. {Hyperlink}. Also removes commented lines (lines that have a ' in column 1)

A5_XdialogPreProcess Function

The A5_XdialogPreProcess() function is used to pre-process an Xdialog body string. It replaces labels that have the format ##label!helptopic~~ with the appropriate Xdialog code.

a5_zip_db_dialog Function

Opens the Zip Database dialog box

ShowDiff Function

Compares two files or variables containing character data and displays the differences.

TextToSpeech Function

Converts text to speech using the .NET Framework


The UI_WAIT_UNTIL()pauses a script until UI_MODELESS_DLG_EXIST() returns .T. (TRUE) or .F. (FALSE). Use this function when the testing if some UI component is present.

Xdialog_Play Function

The Xdialog_Play() function displays a XDialog box that was previously defined using the Xdialog Genie.